Tweeters: Purity of hearts and unity of the word is the great secret of the Emirates

Bloggers confirmed via the social networking site Twitter that the scene of the election of the Supreme Council of the Union’s President, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan (may God protect him), to succeed the late Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan is a historical scene that demonstrates the strength of the union and will be cherished in the collective memory of future generations.

Tweeters noted that the video was shared in the media and showed solidarity, cohesion as well as compatibility between rulers of Emirates. This was also evident during the pledges of allegiance.

Residents and citizens alike tweeted their pride in the historical scene. It exemplifies the cohesion, love, and intimacy between the rulers. They also expressed gratitude to His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan as President of State, may God keep him safe.

Tweeters also expressed their love to and appreciation for His Holiness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. May God protect him.

And one of the tweeters said: “The third meeting in the history of the UAE to elect a head of state.. Pure hearts and sincere intentions met, and the decision was made.” And without another: “You are a great blessing that we envy. These Emirates are our rulers. Yes, these are our values of love and brotherhood. Yes, the President, may God prolong your life, our Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed.” Another commented: “May God protect them and direct their steps and make love last and prolong their lives. Our elders are the crown of our head, and God has mercy on Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed and our father.” Zayed and may he rest in peace.”

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He said, “Security and stability are the goals of all peoples.” His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed was elected President of UAE. This is the third president of Emirates since its inception. The smooth procedures have been a success for UAE’s constitutional system.. May God grant the rulers and people of the Gulf states success. And goodness and development.” One of them wrote: “Smoothly, it is not strange to us as Emiratis. Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed was elected to the presidency and pledged allegiance from among the Emirati rulers with sincere and heartfelt statements. Our union is the most successful unitary experience anywhere in the world. Enjoy the video and thank God for the blessings of the Emirates rulers. ».

Another wrote: “Mixed feelings of sadness and condolence and between congratulations and blessings and responsibility, all for the sake of providing security and happiness for a people, all for our sake, may God protect the President of the Emirates, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed and his brothers, the rulers of the Emirates, and agree with them and correct and bless their steps.” Another: “You judged, then you became fair, and you believed. Oh God, we bear witness that they gave the most precious and precious to us, so be satisfied with them and direct their mistake, and protect them with your eyes that neither overlook nor sleep.”

He also wrote without a tweet, saying: “The UAE’s sheikhs inherited the wisdom of the founders, and the Emirati people live in comfort and peace, and the transfer of power was in a smooth way that dazzled the world. May God protect the UAE leadership and people, and may God increase it in elevation, progress and success, a country of generosity, generosity and giving.”

Another wrote: “How beautiful this solidarity, how beautiful this love, respect and trust, how beautiful this hope for the future, how beautiful the feeling of reassurance for the people. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, and may God protect the Emirates, its people and its rulers,” and one of them wrote: “We were aware that the pregnancy was heavy and the injury was heavy, but after we watched the pledge video, I realized that every difficult thing is easy with love, understanding, cleanliness of the heart and unity of opinions, thank God for the blessing of the Emirates. ».

Another writer commented with a phrase quoted from the hadith of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may God protect him: “(I am your brother, Muhammad, who remains as you know) this is our leader. What we are witnessing is not the meeting of the handing over of power, but the gathering of brothers over the heart of one man.”

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And one of the tweeters wrote: “A majestic sight, and God gives me chills because of the ease of allegiance and the transfer of power. The house is united in goods for Fujairah. Our sheikhs have one word and their standing is one, my Lord protects them.” Mohammed bin Zayed, in this public and friendly manner, is a joyful and reassuring thing for every Emirati.” Another commented: “The heart-warming scenes we will only see in the Arab Gulf countries. These are the Emirates. The Supreme Council of Rulers of Emirates is where they pledge allegiance. On the blessing of stability.”


One of the tweeters wrote: “Hearts gathered to love and pray for mercy for the departure of a ruler and to congratulate and pledge allegiance to a ruler in all calm, security and stability.. Yes, gentlemen, here lies the strength and greatness of the Emirates.” Praise be to you for the blessing of security and safety and for the just rulers.” Without tweeting, he said: “We studied many theories about political systems, but I did not find an example of the comfort that our country enjoys in terms of leadership in its ties to the people, smooth transfer of power, social justice, security and safety. Our beloved country is protected by God.

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