Hasher bin Maktoum inaugurates the 21st edition of the Dubai Derma Conference and Exhibition

His Highness Sheikh Hasher bin Maktoum Al Maktoum Al Maktoum, Director of the Department of Information in Dubai, inaugurated today the 21st edition of Dubai International Dermatology and Laser Conference and Exhibition, “Dubai Derma 2022”, which is the largest event in dermatology, skin-care and laser in the Middle East and North Africa region. and the Indian subcontinent under the slogan “We are shaping the future of dermatology and cosmetology” with the participation of more than 349 specialist doctors from all over the world.

His Highness was accompanied on this tour by Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani who is the CEO of Dubai Derma Conference and Exhibition, Chairman of INDEX Holding and Dr. Ibrahim Galadari. Dr. Ibrahim Galadari is Professor of Dermatology and Chairman of Dubai Derma Conference. Dr. Hassan Galadari and Dr. Abdul Wahab Al Fozan are Heads of The Arab Academy of Dermatology and Aesthetics. Dr. Riyad Mihaal is Secretary General of Arab Dermatologists Association..

On this occasion, Dr. Abdul Salam Al-Madani said: “Dubai and the UAE provided the infrastructure and all the capabilities that enabled them to advance the medical sector in a significant and distinctive manner and in accordance with the highest international standards, which made it today the focus of the attention of the most famous doctors from different countries of the world, which is evident from the presence of this number A large number of doctors from all over the world are in the process of scientific research and exchange of experiences, through this global scientific forum, which enhances continuous medical education and learn about the latest findings of modern science in the field of plastic surgery and laser therapy through innovative lectures and seminars.”

The conference was officially opened by a group representing the fields of dermatology and cosmetology. The large attendance of experts, physicians, and major companies that produce medical equipment and supplies in dermatology showed the level of confidence in Dubai and the UAE, in general, to host conferences with international standards..

Dr. Hassan Galadari greeted the participating delegations from around the world at the opening ceremony. This reflects Dubai’s global status in the specialized conference sector..

For his part, Dr. Abdul-Wahab Al-Fawzan, President of the Arab Academy of Dermatology and Aesthetics and President of the Kuwait Dermatologists Association, said: “The government’s interest in dermatology and their encouragement for doctors, science and scientists in the field of health and medical sciences, and their contribution to the rapid advancement and advancement of health services is an important and fundamental pillar for the progress of peoples. “Dubai Derma” as in all previous sessions in highlighting the latest in the worlds of laser treatment, skin surgical, psoriasis and acne, and other diseases..”

He said, “We appreciate senior officials in Dubai’s efforts to improve health services and hold periodic seminars and conferences, which made the Emirate a civilized edifice that is an honorable front for all Arab nations.”.”

Dr. Riad Meshaal, Secretary General of the Arab Dermatological Association, said: “Dubai Derma” is not only a scientific conference, it is a global medical gathering that brings dermatologists and plastic surgeons from all over the world together in Dubai, and we are here today in the perfect place to lead the exchange of knowledge between doctors Dermatology locally and globally about new and future scientific developments in dermatology.”

This session is expected attract more than 22,000 participants and visitors from all over the world. It will discuss the most important issues in the sector, as well as the challenges it faces..

This year’s conference agenda features 326 scientific talks, 79 workshops, and more than 90 posters. They will be discussing various developments and topics in anti-aging, plastic surgery, laser and cosmetic dermatology. More than 349 experts will be presenting their expertise and the most recent technologies in various related fields at the conference..

The conference’s first day covered a variety of dermatology topics, including immunosuppressive dermatological side effect, skin aging, new developments in photodynamic therapy in medicine, cosmetology, as well as developments in acne treatment..

Index Conferences and Exhibitions organizes the Dubai International Dermatology and laser Conference and Exhibition every year. It is supported by the Association of Arab Dermatologists and the Arab Academy of Dermatology and Aesthetics. The Gulf Association of Dermatologists and the American Academy of Dermatologists. The Dubai Health Authority and the Government of Dubai. Society of Aesthetic Dermatology of India. Indian Society of Dermatologists. International Society of Dermatology. Pakistani Society of Dermatologists. Sri Lanka College of Dermatologists..

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