Junko Takase’s Akutagawa Prize-winning novel is a feminist’s nightmare

Junko Takase’s “Oishii Gohan ga Taberaremasu Yoni” is a uncommon work that makes good meals appear reasonably unsavory.

The novel that received the Akutagawa Prize this July is a deceptively mundane story depicting the on a regular basis work lifetime of three co-workers. It appears at first like a typical Japanese work place drama, poking enjoyable at numerous workplace stereotypes. However the e-book additionally takes to process a “given” of urbane society (not simply in Japan, though it’s definitely a mainstay of Japanese popular culture): the exaltation of foodie tradition and the pursuit of deliciousness. The title, which roughly interprets to “I want to have the ability to eat scrumptious meals,” suggests a narrative crammed with loving depictions of gourmand scenes and smells — however the actuality is way much less appetizing. (At time of writing an English translation hasn’t been introduced.)

Oishii Gohan ga Taberaremasu Yoni, by Junko Takase.
162 pages
KODANSHA, Fiction.

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