Brothers violate curfew, spend Rs 7 lakh on pet dog’s birthday, held

AHMEDABAD, The Patels celebrated Abby’s second birthday with great enthusiasm. They spent Rs 75,000 to hire a party plot and a performer, invited friends, and played garba. The extravagant party for the canine ended on Friday night with one of the pet-owner brothers being arrested and another for violating Covid norms.
Police arrested brothers Chirag and Urvish Patel (24 and 19, respectively), who were residents of Kiranpark Society in West Bengal’s Krishnanagar. They also captured Divyesh (35), a Krishnanagar resident, Vijay Kamdar Society. The party was still going strong after Covid-curfew time on Friday at 11pm. The men were arrested for not wearing masks, violating social distance norms and hosting a gathering without permission.
The videos of the youths celebrating the occasion began to spread via social media. Police received a tip and raided it.
“The venue was decorated using flowers, balloons and photos of the pet. The orchestra and singers had a large stage. Police said that the family had a birthday cake and that guests danced with great enthusiasm.” Sunilkumar Patani (the complainant) stated that the family had hired a Gujarati performer. The party organizers and the guests were seen without masks dancing. They were therefore brought to trial.
VD Zala, Nikol inspector said that, “As per Covid protocol it is necessary to get permission before organising parties.”

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