Beetroot Stew with Coconut Milk Recipe (With a South Indian Flavor)

The Beetroot Stew with Coconut Milk Recipe is a healthful stew by itself that’s fast and straightforward to make for a weeknight dinner or a summertime celebration at residence. The beetroots are cooked individually together with the spices after which simmer together with a coconut milk curry. The seasoning of mustard and urad dal together with curry leaves, provides to the punch of this scrumptious curry. Give it a attempt to Serve the Beetroot Stew with Coconut Milk together with Indian Bread

Did You Know: Beetroots are identified to be low in energy,  excessive in fibre, nutritional vitamins, minerals, and is excessive in plant derived antioxidants. Moreover, the inexperienced leaves of the beetroot are a wonderful supply of carotenoids, flavonoid anti-oxidants, and vitamin A. Vitamin A is required sustaining wholesome mucus membranes and pores and skin and is important for imaginative and prescient. Beetroots have lengthy been used for medicinal functions, primarily for issues of the liver as they assist to stimulate the liver’s detoxing processes.

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