Overwatch 2 tank Ramattra’s abilities revealed in debut gameplay trailer

After his reveal (opens in new tab) Earlier this month, the total roster of Overwatch 2’s new tank character Ramattra’s skills are out within the open alongside a trailer exhibiting off the remodeling robotic tank in-game forward of his launch on December 6, 2022.

Blizzard calls Ramattra a “Overwatch 2’s first tempo tank”, by which I feel they imply that he transforms between varieties because the tempo of battle adjustments. Ramattra’s Omnic type is healthier at long-distance safety, whereas his Nemesis type is healthier at participating close-range chaos.

Ramattra’s omnic type lets him hearth projectile streams in a predictable sample, all whereas creating boundaries to guard his workforce. He can swap freely to his Nemesis Kind, which adjustments his fundamental assaults to punches that make vitality waves to catch enemies in a crossfire, in addition to a crossed-arms defend that reduces harm Ramattra takes from the entrance whereas decreasing his motion pace.

Ramattra’s different capacity is Ravenous Vortex, a ball that explodes when it hits the bottom, making a area of injury. Most notably, although, that area additionally slows down enemies and pulls them downward—a potent counter for the enemy workforce’s Genjis, Pharahs, and different DPS that depend on mobility.

Ramattra’s final, Annihilation, creates a frontward creeping swarm that not solely offers harm however cuts enemy harm dealt by a whopping 50%. Blizzard builders informed PC Gamer that “you are gonna need to get away from him when he makes use of it.”

Ramattra was revealed earlier this month, a strong and harmful Omnic robotic that lead Overwatch antagonist group Null Sector, a terrorist group dedicated to Omnic rights. Ramattra was a detailed pal of Overwatch’s Zenyatta, and the 2 are anticipated to have a number of attention-grabbing in-game interactions. You possibly can learn extra about what Blizzard’s designers needed to say about Ramattra forward of his full reveal in our interview. (opens in new tab)

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