New Skyrim high-poly garlic mod has way more optimized vertices than the last high-poly Skyrim garlic mod

Lastly: the mod of mods for Skyrim. See, this recreation has an enormous drawback. Tough-angled, poorly textured, badly coloured garlic bulbs. It is a shame. Modders have beforehand tried to deal with this challenge however now right here comes the true deal, Garlic: The Garlic mod.

Created by wskeever Garlic: A Garlic Mod addresses the 2 varieties of garlic discovered on the planet of Skyrim. There’s garlic sitting on plates, and garlic hanging collectively in braids. Bethesda’s garlic is pisspoor to the extent it seems extra like onions, with yellow-orange coloring and notable ridges throughout the floor.

What have been you taking part in at, Todd? Did you actually assume this garlic was adequate for the avid gamers?

Now not should we endure Bethesda’s blocky bulbs, for this mod re-does all components of the garlic bulbs. It re-textures the garlic floor, smoothes-out the polygons, provides a brand new texture map to the braids, and colours the bulbs to the pinky whiteness they need to have.

Witness garlic’s glory on this comparability video:

You wish to know simply how good this garlic is? There’s one other mod to barely scale back the scale of the bulbs in VR. Wskeever actually did consider all the things. They’ve even finished one other vegetable, and inform me this is not the very best identify for a mod ever: Scallions of Skyrim: Excessive Polygon Leeks.

This garlic mod replaces a earlier excessive polygon garlic mod, which had the issue of being somewhat too excessive polygon and badly optimized. Cannot be having that. Thus, this garlic mod optimizes the hell out of the garlic’s vertices: it comprises 232 vertices and 398 triangles for the garlic bulb in comparison with 7913 vertices and 9125 triangles for the excessive poly venture’s bulb; and 1857 vertices / 3184 triangles / one draw name for the garlic braid in comparison with 70,754 vertices / 67,872 triangles / 4 draw requires the excessive poly venture.

Take a bow wskeever: you really optimized that garlic.

Skyrim modding appears as wholesome because it’s ever been, with a boatload of bold tasks ongoing. There is a wealthy historical past on this scene and, if you wish to know the place to get began, here is our gargantuan information to the very best Skyrim mods. Who wants Starfield anyway.

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