How to craft a crossbow in Valheim Mistlands

The Valheim crossbow—or Arbalest, to provide it its correct title—is among the new additions to your Viking arsenal. It arrived with the Mistlands replace (opens in new tab) which you’ll play now on the public take a look at department (opens in new tab)although make sure to again up your characters and worlds for those who’re pondering of checking it out.

Whereas Mistlands greatest function is the titular biome it provides to the Viking afterlife, there are many different additions to get enthusiastic about corresponding to a brand new magic system, constructing items, meals, and naturally weapons. If you happen to fancy testing out the brand new Valheim crossbow, here is how you can make the Arbalest.

Valheim crossbow: How you can craft the Mistlands Arbalest

Common bows have been round for the reason that starting of Valheim however the Arbalest crossbow handles a lot in another way from any ranged weapon you are used to within the Viking afterlife. It is a big, heavy weapon with an automated—however gradual—reload and makes use of bolts as a substitute of arrows to deal harm.

What it lacks in pace it greater than makes up for with energy. The knock-back impact from a single bolt is invaluable in difficult conditions, particularly these high-up areas you may end up in whereas venturing by the Mistlands—a well-timed bolt can ship an enemy flying backwards a substantial distance, which supplies you additional time to get in a killing blow or make your escape.

The supplies you will must craft the Arbalest crossbow aren’t significantly troublesome to get and you will not really must set foot within the new Mistlands biome to accumulate them.

The Valheim crossbow supplies are:

The wooden is simply the base-level stuff you get from chopping down any outdated tree or bush, whilst you’ll must enterprise to the Swamp to search out each Iron (opens in new tab) and root. Iron scraps are principally discovered contained in the crypts and may be smelted into Iron, whereas roots are an merchandise dropped from the Abomination enemy.

Sadly, the crafting station you could make the Arbalest does want sources from the Mistlands. The Black Forge It requires black cores, black marble, and Yggdrasil wooden, so you will must progress to—and be capable to survive—the brand new Mistlands content material with a purpose to craft this crossbow. Good luck!

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