How to clean your mouse pad without destroying it

With an increasing number of of us spending heaps of time at our desks, the probability of funking up your mouse pad (opens in new tab) elevated exponentially. Assailants similar to pizza grease, soda, or different thriller stains are positive to make their approach onto your mouse pad sooner or later, and as somebody who’s scarfed down a complete grilled cheese seconds earlier than a video convention, I get it—generally meals on the desk occurs. In the end it means meals on the desk will occur.

Nothing is for certain besides loss of life, taxes, and mouse pad stains.

The suitable strategy to clear a mouse pad

First off there, there are specific locations to keep away from putting your mouse pad, in case you had been pondering of taking it off your desk to scrub it. Do not dangle it out to dry within the solar as the colours are prone to fade. It shouldn’t go within the dishwasher, washer or dryer—excessive suds and excessive warmth are dangerous for rubber and plastic.

There’s been some debate on the suitable strategy to clear a tender floor or material mouse pad. The rationale I am advising you to avoid washing machines and dishwashers is that these sorts of mouse pads are simple to break. Not all spin cycles are created equal, so even a low tumble setting on sure washers or dryers might warp and injury the rubber bits in a mouse pad (many material mouse pads have some form of textured rubber base to maintain the pad in place when in use). And the floor must be pristine and easy to your mouse to correctly glide over it with out points.

Knowledge from Katie

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Only a word about hydrophobic mouse pads, such because the one which comes with the Arozzi Arena gaming desk (opens in new tab). I managed to utterly destroy mine by utilizing chemical cleaner (the sort you hoover off after it dries). Do not be me. Be good like Jorge.

Even in case you personal a machine-washable mouse pad, ensure you observe the producer’s cleansing directions to the letter and train warning.

Warmth can also be the enemy; the rubber utilized in most mouse pads has a fairly low melting level. This implies sticking it within the microwave, blasting it with a hairdryer, or letting it spin round in sizzling water are all horrible concepts.

Our greatest suggestion for cleansing a material gaming mouse pad is merely utilizing a squirt of dish cleaning soap, heat water, a sponge or washcloth, and a few good ole usual elbow grease to rub out the stain. Then air dry. For those who’re utilizing a plastic or exhausting floor mouse pad, a moist washcloth ought to do the trick, since these are simpler to identify clear.

How producers advocate you clear your mouse pad

I requested two makers of comically massive material mouse pads, Corsair and HyperX, about their mouse pad cleansing greatest practices, simply to ensure this was the very best method. Each agreed on easy hand washing and {that a} washer is just not a good suggestion.

“Most individuals will use some cleaning soap and water to scrub their mouse pads after which let it air dry,” HyperX instructed us. “Placing it into the washer to scrub is just not beneficial by us.”

“Very heat water, just a bit little bit of liquid dish cleaning soap within the sink,” Corsair recommends. “Then simply rinse it in chilly water gently and never put it within the washer.”



  • Scrub the affected areas with dish cleaning soap and heat water within the sink
  • Rinse with chilly water
  • Air dry for a day


  • Shove it in your washer
  • Shove it in your dishwater
  • Shove it within the microwave
  • Use intense cloth cleaner on it if it is hydrophobic
  • Put in dryer
  • Use a hair dryer
  • Pass over within the solar

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