Transport Corporation Posts 38% Rise in Profit After Tax to Rs 73 Crore for March Quarter

Transport Corporation of India (TCI), a provider of integrated supply chain and logistics solutions, reported on Saturday a 38% increase in standalone profit after tax (PAT), to Rs 73.10 million for the March quarter. According to regulatory filings, the company posted a profit in the fourth quarter 2021 fiscal year. This was March 31st 2021.

Revenue from operations was almost flat at R 797.94 crore in Q4FY22 compared with Rs 796.64 lakh in the same quarter of FY21. TCI Ltd reported a standalone PAT totalling Rs 267.43 crore for the full financial year 2021-22. This represents a 98 percent increase over the Rs 134.977 crore recorded in the same quarter of FY21.

The revenue from operations for the financial years 2021-22 was Rs 2,904.56 crore, as against Rs 2,452.02 million in the March quarter FY21. This is an 18.45 percent increase year-over-year.

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