Latest Past Events

Durga Parade on Thames London

Thames London London

  Durga Parade on Thames! Matching with the Red Road Carnival at Kolkata,Heritage Bengal Global will organise a parade on Thames on 8th October- U.K. Pujas feel free reach out …

IBCA Japan Tokyo Holy Durga Puja

Morishita 3-12-17, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0004, Japan Morishita 3-12-17, Koto-ku

IBCA Japan Tokyo Holy Durga Puja This year the DURGA PUJA is going to be held on 8th October (Saturday) at Morishita Cultural Center (Tokyo). We cordially invite you to …

Durga Puja Stuttgart 2022 (Oct 1 – Oct 5)

Gemeindezentrum St. Rupert Koblenzer Str. 13, Stuttgart

Durga Puja Stuttgart 2022 South Germany cordially invite you and your loved one to our DurgaUtsav 2022 from October 1, 22 – October 5, 22. Thank you   History …

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