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Durga Parade on Thames London

Thames London London

  Durga Parade on Thames! Matching with the Red Road Carnival at Kolkata,Heritage Bengal Global will organise a parade on Thames on 8th October- U.K. Pujas feel free reach out to Anirban Kumar Mukhopadhyay at to make history!

IBCA Japan Tokyo Holy Durga Puja

Morishita 3-12-17, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0004, Japan Morishita 3-12-17, Koto-ku

IBCA Japan Tokyo Holy Durga Puja This year the DURGA PUJA is going to be held on 8th October (Saturday) at Morishita Cultural Center (Tokyo). We cordially invite you to attend the festival with your family members and friends and seek your active participation in making the ceremony a grand success. *Pre-Registration is mandatory Due …

Durga Puja Stuttgart 2022 (Oct 1 – Oct 5)

Gemeindezentrum St. Rupert Koblenzer Str. 13, Stuttgart

Durga Puja Stuttgart 2022 South Germany cordially invite you and your loved one to our DurgaUtsav 2022 from October 1, 22 – October 5, 22. Thank you   History Since 1995 Durga Puja is being celebrated in Stuttgart which is the capital city of the state Baden-Württemberg in South Germany. In 2022 Durga Puja …

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